Robert Mueller sits in President Obama's Oval Office.

Ari Melber asked David Kelley if the Rudy Guiliani-Ukraine investigation could have been a referral to the SDNY from the Robert S. Mueller special counsel investigation.

Ding ding. Give that man a cigar.

Guiliani’s scheme was to force Ukraine to make it look like Joe Biden acted unethically to benefit Hunter Biden, who was a paid board member of Burisma, the national gas company.

The Feds started looking at Guiliani’s antics in spring 2019; coincidentally when the Mueller investigation wrapped.

Poor, hapless Ukraine played another role in the Trump-Russia corruption scandal. Paul Manafort was paid millions to make a Russian-backed candidate, Viktor Yanukovych, the president of Ukraine. So far, Russia has invaded and annexed one-third of Ukraine—the strategically valuable penisula of Crimea. Then, they got Manafort to employ disinformation, theater and outright fraud to install their candidate. The Ukrainian people caught on to this and revolted, overthrowing the fraudulent Yanukovych, who fled to…wait for it…Russia.

So that’s one avenue by which Mueller’s team could have stumbled on the Ukrainian fake scandal garden Rudy’s been planting, twisting arms to make them spread seed.

Place your bets. I’m on yes. Placing in the vault that I’m calling payne’s predictions.

Could there be hope that the Mueller investigation has a longer game laid out, with more of these aftershocks to come? All I want for Christmas is Easter eggs.