A black and white photo with adead child and a dead woman lying diagonally in a trench in the My Lai massacre

They’re not going to be OK with their  health care system catastrophically collapsing around them. Watching it on their televisions. Watching it deliver deadly strikes to their communities, friends and families.

It will be everyone.
It will be you.

This won’t be happening to just brown people and poor people.

It will be everyone. It will be you.

White Christian people. Supply-side economist people. One percent American oligarchs. Wall Street casino people.

The American Carnage of
Trump’s failure to lead…

Low-information citizens and extreme partisans are going to be watching fact-based television coverage of their local hospitals overflowing, universal do not resuscitate orders (DNR), and sick doctors and nurses.

The American Carnage of Trump’s failure to lead is about to to stun his cult.

Trump’s historic incompetence and Fox News’s deadly disinformation network have unleashed a tide of destruction that will shock the nation’s public consciousness like My Lai did for the Vietnam war.

Trump’s tiny bump in approval ratings during an historic disaster for the country is likely at it’s apex.