So the Coronavirus clown car has decided a couple of truly shocking fundamentals for the federal government’s responsibility in the unprecedented crisis that faces every person; every family.

First, yep, they’re not responsible. To run our government. To perform any actual work to manage the tsunami that is going to drown every state. Pence mantra: “local control with federal support.”

Second, and far worse if such a thing is possible, they are deliberately inverting the use of tests. This is terrifying.

Hospitals are filling up with people in severe respiratory distress. At this point none of those people need to be tested. They can be presumed positive.

What we need, the only option that makes sense, is to widely test the mildly ill and samples of asymptomatic to find where the positive cases are busy spreading it undetected.

No one needs to be tested at the hospital. They have it. All the testing should be targeted outside the hospital. The people who call their doctor but have mild symptoms and are told to self isolate.

Trump is cheating to (try to) hide the magnitude. He’s so stupid that he doesn’t understand exponential growth. He can’t hide the filled up hospitals and the dead health care workers.

This is a short term game for him. His pathetic and dangerous tap dance to fool as many rubes as he can. But in the meantime…

This is insane. We’re all gonna die. Speechless.